I’d say the most important thing to know about me is to know my Savior, Jesus. I’m redeemed, justified, made alive because of the finished work of Christ on the cross. On the cross Jesus paid the penalty for sin. but He didn’t stay dead. He rose again! He ever lives and pleads for me. He chose me and calls me His own. I want to be a true disciple.

Jon, my husband and wonderful true love, recently died. So the blog is a way to carry on his legacy– and his passion! Jon loved Christ and the gospel with all that was in Him. It’s also a way for me to process the roller coaster of grief, the valley, the emotions. The post “Yes God, You are who You say You are” fully details why I write. These ramblings are my honest, raw, thoughts before God. It’s Him teaching me to navigate this new life even when I feel lost. I write for myself, but let you peek over my shouder, I suppose.

Of this I can be sure, “I have engraved you on the palms of my Hand…” Isaiah 49:16 The God who rescued me, bought me, made me righteous…. This God has not forgotten me. And Him will I serve, always.

One more thing. “Whenmercyfoundme” was Jon’s blog, and he shared the meaning of the name in his first post… A beautiful story of God’s redemption.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Ami, You are SO strong. I want to thank you for everything. With out you and Jon, who knows what my relationship with God would be like. I love you very much and you are such an inspiration to me. Again, I love you and thankyou for everything. You were always there for me. Especially at camp. I love you~


    1. Liv, Thank you so much! I’m not strong, but I know that Christ is strong. Any strength you see is, of course Him. It’s exciting and encouraging to here of God’s continued work in you and Luke. I think what I’ve always said is true. God has big plans for you kid! You keep walking with Him and seeking Him first. Remember always who you are in Christ And that the gospel was powerful not only at your salvation, but it The Power of God for life too. Love you much!! Miss you!


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