Adoption and the County Fair

My in-laws love the county fair. It’s one of their FAVORITE family traditions. Did I emphasize favorite? They don’t just go one day, but every day. They love planning out their fair food- kabobs, corn on the cob, elephant ears, turkey legs, cherry limeade, tacos, donuts… When I came into the family, I readily embraced … Continue reading Adoption and the County Fair


But God.

God, the Master Author, sometimes intertwines stories in ways we wouldn’t have foreseen. So humbling that He does. Guest post by Meg McAusland “I’m always up for a game of cards.” she said as she moved her hospital tray closer to the bed. I should have known it would be her answer. Wherever Grandma went, … Continue reading But God.

Just a Recipe

Guest post by Jill Neff. I know every word by heart, but today I look at the card as if I expect it to speak to me. Flowing handwriting, faded with time, passed down from one generation to another. The ingredients sit silently in a line on the counter, like little toy soldiers, waiting for … Continue reading Just a Recipe